I generally enjoy games that offer me the possibility to upgrade different stuff, I love to unlock new features and get new gadgets in the game, such games always seem entertaining and challenging for me. With that being said, I want to present to you one of my favorite games Idle Breakout.

This game is basically all about clicking on different piles (or blocks, call it whatever you like) and destroying them, piles have numbers printed on them as well. For example, number three means that in order to destroy the selected pile you will have to click on it three times. The game has tons of different upgrades and improvements, but we will cover it below.

How to play:
So we already talked about it, the main objective in the game is to destroy all piles which are located on the screen. There are two possible ways to do it, first one involves simple mouse click, you just click on these piles and they disappear. The second approach (automated one) involves the usage of automatic balls that jump on the screen from one corner to another and they hit these piles and destroy them all by themselves.

I personally like the second approach, instead of manually clicking on the piles it is a lot more interesting to automate the whole process, to upgrade your jumping balls and let them do the job for you.

Controls of the game:
Use your mouse to interact with the game, click on piles to destroy them. Don’t forget to buy various upgrades and accelerate your game.

I have already mentioned that there are tons of upgrades in the game, they are all pretty interesting and entertaining as well. Game upgrades involve two main branches: upgrades and power-ups.

The first one(upgrades) has the following options features in it: basic ball (it can, later on, turn into plasma ball or another powerful unit), speed of the ball, power, delete and click. Ball upgrades involve the increase of stats, you improve the speed of your automatic ball, you improve attack ability of it and you improve how many piles they can destroy with a single hit.

Another one, click values, upgrades strength of your mouse click, for example, if the pile has number three on it, it will take you three basic clicks to destroy it. However, you can buy upgrades, improve your mouse click and it will give you the opportunity to destroy piles with number three or more with a single click.

I am a fan of the automatic destruction of piles so I focus more on getting more balls and improving their speed and attack power.

Upgrades – Here we can find a lot of new and interesting features, we can find different extra stats, different special abilities, etc. We can find features that can destroy balls faster and easier. For example, we have the following main power-ups:

Cashed up – earn double the money (duration 30 sec)
Click frenzy – clicks spawn scatter balls (duration 30 sec)
Demon core – deals waves of damage, turning ordinary attacks into AOE ones (duration 30 sec)
Snowball – each bounce of this ball gives it extra speed (duration 30 sec)
2x Gold – you can use this upgrade only on the gold block (requires level 20)

As you can see there are various upgrades in the game, some of them allow you to gain extra gold, some of them allow you to gain fast damaging powers and others can give you an opportunity to deal with mass damage to the blocks.

Each power-up is unique and different, I find it very entertaining and interesting to earn cash and open these power-ups, testing them in a real game is an enjoyable experience for sure.

The game has various challenges in it, my favorite one is a challenge that requires from you to break a specific amount of the blocks in order to receive a free upgrade. If you will visit power-ups tab in the game menu you will notice that you need a specific amount of broken blocks in order to open the next power-up.

Oh and one more thing, keep in mind that game allows you to use specific power-up single time, make this usage wise!

There are really hundreds of levels in the game, usually starting levels are relatively easy to handle, mainly there are blocks with number one written on them and destroying them require from you single click or single hit of the ball. Higher levels are as always harder to complete, blocks in it might have ten or higher number written on them, it will require from you decent upgrades and a lot of power-ups to overcome these levels.

Each level has a unique order of blocks, they have different positioning and different color as well as number.

About the game menu:
There are a lot of different options and features in the game, for the beginners’ things might get tricky in it. Let’s discuss different options and where to find them.

Different balls in the game – there are various balls in the game, they have different speeds, different attack power, and different stats. All balls are located in the top left corner of the game menu. You can hover over them and read the description.

In the middle part of the game menu, we have following features: amount of balls in the level, current level of the game, upgrades tab, power-ups tab (represented as black arrow pointing up), money tab (it shows you how much money you have, if you have enough cash you can visit upgrades tab and improve your stats) and the last feature is located at the top right corner of the game menu, here you can change game setting, quality of the game, level of the sound and other similar settings.

As you can see there are tons of different parameters in the game, making Idle Breakout a pretty complicated yet very interesting and challenging online game.


Other options:
Some options of the game are hidden at the early stage of the game. You can unlock them by playing for a while, by buying different upgrades, by completing high levels, etc.

These hidden upgrades usually involve achievements tab and prestige tabs. They are additional features which involve details about which achievements you have already unlocked, what is your prestige and how many challenges you have completed, pretty interesting and entertaining tabs actually, I would recommend you to check them from time to time.

This game on your device:

With that being said you now know what kind of the game it is, how to play it and how to use various options for your benefit. Hope you enjoyed reading our guide and hope you found it helpful. Cheers guys 🙂

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